About the founders

The Australian Book of Records (TABOR) was established in 2012 by 93 times world driving record breakers, Helen and John Taylor.

The Taylors started the Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) in 2004 and it is still going strong today, now in the very capable hands of a Singaporean publishing company.

Apart from breaking records the Taylor's both have a strong professional background in management and business.

Their wish was to provide the opportunity to ALL Aussies to become WORLD and NATIONAL record holders, in their words to, ‘Reach for the Stars’.

Why The Australian Book Of Records?

  • Aussies demanded a record institution that has integrity, knowledge, encourages people to believe in themselves and work hard to reach their goals
  • A record institution that puts people before profit
  • That has staff with experience and expertise to adjudicate ALL records

More facts about the Taylors

The Taylors were appointed as global fuel efficiency ambassadors by Shell Oil Company London and travelled the world running workshops and guest speaking to demonstrate how the driver has control over how much fuel they consume.

They hold fuel economy world records in most continents and countries. A record highlight was in 2006 when the Taylors drove around the world in a VW Golf FSi vehicle, travelling through 4 continents, 24 countries, using only 24 tanks of Shell fuel, instead of the 50 tanks mathematically expected. Start to finish took 78 days. On this record project there were 1.8 billion media hits, valued at US$20 milion.

They were chosen as Clean Air Champions by the Australian Federal Government because of their passion for reducing CO2 emissions. They demonstrated fuel economy tips, teaching every-day-drivers how to save fuel, save money, reduce emissions, no matter what vehicle they drove.

John Taylor holds the world record for the most End to Ends in the UK, walking, cycling, running and driving the 874 mile famous John O’Groats to Lands End route 22 times from 1980 until 2023.

John also holds the record together with Faye Lanyon for Australia’s ‘longest triathlon’, swimming 3.9km in Darwin, running 320km from Darwin to Katherine, and cycling 1176km from Katherine to Alice Springs. This epic journey was to raise awareness and help raise funds for Jaxon, the Taylor’s grandson who has a rare congenital condition called CMN.

LETR is changing the future of people with intellectual disability and lighting the way for acceptance and inclusion.

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