Largest comic collection

Largest comic collection

Date of Record: up to 22nd of February, 2024

It has been calculated that Brett ‘The Comic Guy’ Chilman has a comic book collection of 103,700 comics made up of comics, magazines, Trades paper backs, little digests and phantom comics.

Brett’s entire collection including cards, statues, figurines, movie memorabilia etc has more than 250,000 items and the collection is still counting.

A special Vault was purposely built for Brett to store his collection now and into the future.

Nearly all of his comics are in mint condition and well cared for in the vault. The collection exhibits thousands of complete series starting from 1960’s, including Amazing Fantasies 15 (1st Appearance Spiderman).


The picture shows Brett holding his baby 'amazing fantasy 15,' with the first ever appearance of spiderman.


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