World’s first mobile bakery

World’s first mobile bakery
Date of Record: 10/12/2016


Goondiwindi Queensland had pies galore on the opening of Smiths Pies, the world’s first mobile bakery.


Master mind of the idea Jim Smith said he initially thought of the idea whilst queuing at an event for 45 minutes, only to pay $12.00 for a measly piece of pizza!


The custom-built one million dollar prime mover is 18-metres-long and fully kitted out as a commercial bakery, with two coldrooms, a freezer,


deep-fryers, packaging areas, a food prep area, commercial dishwasher and most importantly large ovens that can churn out 30 dozen fresh pies every 20 minutes.


Here are the facts on this monster mobile bakery’s capability:


• Can produce 1,000 freshly baked pies per hour.


• Cooks 800kg of roast at one time.


• 100kg of meat cooked every 40 minutes.


• 3,000L of water on board.


• Feeds 4,000 people without restocking.


Smith's Pies is a family affair with Jim’s son Dennis, grandson Dillon and daughter-in-law Sherri together making pie magic.



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